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  • [ 01.09.2017 ] Антон (Прорезная, 13): Пользуюсь вашими услугами третий месяц. За все время было два сбоя во время грозы и ситуация была исправлена менее чем за минуту, после автоматической перезагрузки оборудования. Интернет быстрый и стабильный. IPTV, на 150 каналов - также ок, но хотелось бы чтобы добавили больше каналов в HD

  • [ 12.07.2017 ] Vladimir (Zlatoystivska 50): The experience of communicating with your customers, plus feedback on the Internet led to a conscious decision - connect.

  • [ 02.07.2017 ] Danil (Chernovola 26/2): We tried all the operators in the house and decided to stay at Kuzia

  • [ 28.06.2017 ] Alexander (Chehovskij 11): I am for a healthy competition and against the monopolies

  • [ 18.06.2017 ] Maria (Borusoglibska 8/13): Now I use Kuzia, because I used to be Ukrtelecom, and he took out

  • [ 07.06.2017 ] Sergei (Chernovola 25): I decided to connect, because I received good recommendations from the concierge in the house

  • [ 01.06.2017 ] Victoria (Goloseevsky 19): I learned about you from the Internet, joined because I like DOMOVYAT

  • [ 18.05.2017 ] Anatoly (Kudryavska 31/33): Saw the ad in the elevator. I decided to switch, because the Volya already got it.

  • [ 16.05.2017 ] Stanislav (Prorizna 23a): I learned from my neighbors. Quality is better, competitive.

  • [ 06.05.2017 ] Victor (Malopidvalna 15): Was a client at a different address. Satisfying the price / quality ratio. No crash work.

  • [ 04.05.2017 ] Maria (Chehovski 11): I learned about the possibility of connection from the employees of your firm who carried the advertisements in my entrance. Has decided to connect because your provider has quality advantages over firms competitors: 1) round-the-clock support; 2) the ability to connect the next day after the filing of the application - efficiency; 3) it will be easy to call the operator; 4) high-speed Internet, high-quality connection and other technical advantages; 5) the price is average market, which is also an advantage.



  • We are a team of specialists united to provide quality services

  • For clients we are open and show what they think of us

  • Own channels to UA-IX, DTEL-IX, Giganet-IX, 1-IX, DE-CIX, NL-IX, AMS-IX, LU-CIX, PL-IX, B-IX, ESPAN-IX

  • Payment through terminals, cards, banks

  • Kuzia has a twisted pair cable for clients

"Kuzia" - the Internet of the new generation

This is the Internet based on the advanced IPv6 technology, which works quickly, efficiently and never causes problems. Tariffs are pleasantly surprising and do not limit the speed of access to IPv6 resources. 

Kuzia is your home internet. Get connected now, and he will become your best friend.

Benefits for subscribers

Services provider "Kuzia" - a digital interactive television for 150 channels and high-speed Internet - to 1000 Mb / s. Connect, and you will receive:

Possibilities of television:

• Your favorite movies and TV shows in HD-quality with perfect sound;
• Interactive functions: the ability to view video on any device, EPG program;
• View videos directly (without additional devices) on a TV with Smart TV support or computer.

Internet features:

• permanent IPv6 address for the whole time of working with the network;
• Stably high speed regardless of traffic volume;
• a month of free Internet when switching from another provider with Ethernet technology;
• Bonus when connecting a friend.

We offer subscribers transparent terms of cooperation, technical support in the 24/7 mode, assistance to the master in the maintenance and repair of computer equipment, as well as the ability to shut down without terminating the contract.

Internet provider "Kuzia" offers telecommunication services for every taste and requirements. This is an opportunity for residents of Kiev to access high-quality network and television at an affordable price. The most economical clients are offered to choose both services at once: television and the Internet. The savings in this case will be significant, plus - it is much more convenient to receive services from one provider.

Do you think you have chosen the best Internet in the city? Then you are not exactly aware of the new possibilities of the Kuzia network. This is the Internet based on the advanced technology of IPv6, which works quickly, qualitatively and never delivers problems. Tariffs - pleasantly surprise and do not limit the speed of access to IPv6-resources.

Possibilities of the Internet "Kuzia" have already been evaluated by such companies as:

1. The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine.
2. The Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.
3. Public organization "Gromadske Radio".
4. Central laboratory for the analysis of the quality of medicines.
5. SPE "Metallurgprom".
6. National Children's Specialized Hospital "OKHMATDET".

The Kuzia network was chosen to connect the Eurovision 2017 venues and received numerous rave reviews from users. More than 300 houses in different parts of the capital have already connected to our Internet and enjoy all its advantages.

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Your homie internet Kuzia is for home users, corporate segment is managed by N-Line company. which suggest to take a high-speed internet based on own fiber-optic network using FTTH-Ethernet, FTTB in offices, business-centres, restaurants, caffees, educational centres, events etc.

«N-Line» - is a member of ukrainian exchange points UA-IX, DTEL-IX, Giganet-IX - Kyiv, Ukraine;
also they use only the best european exchange points, such as
DE-CIX, NL-IX - Frankfurt, Germany;
AMS-IX - Amsterdam, Netherlands;
LU-CIX - Bettemburg (Luxemburg),
PL-IX - Warszaw, Poland;
B | IX, B-IX - Sofia, Bulgaria;
Espan-IX, Madrid, Spain
also they are connected to a Tier-1 international operators:
Level3 (Lumen, Centurylink) 
NTT (Global IP Network)
Telia (twelve99, arelion)

N-Line maintains an open peer-to-peer policy, constantly monitors traffic transmission routes to other networks, and constantly optimizes these routes both in terms of speed and response time of another network.

Technological advantages of the Internet "Kuzia"

Since the network of the Internet provider Kuzia provides data transmission via Ethernet technology, the subscriber will not need to purchase additional equipment. Economical, it means - it is profitable.

The telecommunications network is based on the application of the FTTB (Fiber to the Building) concept - fiber to every home. In the network architecture, a fiber optic cable is used, which is fed to an apartment building with the final connection of each individual apartment to the central switch. The main advantage of FTTB technology is that the network is stable under all conditions.

The use of optical data transmission channels is based on the following technologies:

• TenGigabit Ethernet - 10 Gb / s;
• Gigabit Ethernet - 1Gbps;
• Fast Ethernet - 100 Mbps.

To connect to the network, a twisted-pair cable is used, which provides resistance to various factors and the ability to switch to a higher data rate (depending on the subscriber's wishes).

The Kuzia network uses the IPv6 address space, which provides addresses in a 128-bit format. When connected, the subscriber receives a real static IP address, which eliminates many inconveniences and increases the functionality of certain Internet applications.

 Kuzia is the best Internet for business and home use. Get connected today and appreciate all the advantages of advanced telecommunication technologies!

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