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Technical description of the network "Kuzia"

"Kuzia" is a trademark of the company "Netassist", founded in 2004. "NetAssist" has its own international connections to other segments of the Internet in Moscow and Frankfurt. "NetAssist" is the first direct Ukrainian participant in the traffic exchange networks DE-CIX (Germany) and MSK-IX (Russia), as well as directly connected to two Tier-1 operators of the core of the global Internet. Also, "NetAssist" is a direct participant of Ukrainian traffic exchange networks UA-IX and DTEL-IX, supporting direct inclusions to Google services, Yandex, EX.UA and many others. "Noassist" conducts an open peer-to-peer policy, constantly monitors the routes of traffic transfer to other networks, and constantly optimizes these routes both in terms of speed and response time of another network.
In 2006, "NetAssist" was the first in Ukraine to connect to the next generation Internet network, which is built on the basis of the new Internet Protocol IPv6. "NetAssist" actively promotes the introduction of IPv6 in Ukraine, in particular, supporting the publicly available services 6to4 relay in UA-IX and the only free IPv6 service of the tunnel broker in the CIS.

The Kuzi network is based on Ethernet technology and does not require any additional devices on the subscriber side (modems, adapters, etc.).

The backbone network uses the concept of FTTB (Fiber To The Building) - fiber in every house. Optical fibers from each house are connected to the central switch of the microdistrict. The houses have access level switches, to which subscribers are connected by means of a copper twisted pair. This technology allows to provide high reliability and stability of the network to various factors (power outages, thunderstorms), since there is no intermediate equipment between the central switchboard and individual houses, and a screened copper cable is used to connect the subscribers.

For data transmission over optical channels, Kuzia uses TenGigabit Ethernet (10 Gbit / s) and Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbit / s). To connect subscribers, depending on the needs, it uses both Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) and Gigabit Ethernet. Kuzia uses a fully copper shielded Cat5e FTP cable, which allows the connection to be free of thunderstorms, easily switches the subscriber to Gigabit Ethernet, and leaves room for seamless transition to the next generation of speeds.

If necessary, Kuzia can connect the subscriber and using a direct fiber-optic cable.
If you have any questions about the technical features of the connection - the technical support service Kuzi is really in a position to answer them! Call (044) 22-3333-7 or write to Cuse by e-mail at info@kuzia.net.ua