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Kuzia together with the partner, offers 150 channels of digital television in IPTV format. IPTV is a digital interactive TV with which you have the opportunity to view your favorite TV shows on your TV, on your computer, on your tablet and even on your smartphone. The program for viewing can be rolled up by the link - PLAYER.


Excellent image quality - digital broadcasting-enabled HD. Multi-channel sound - Audio Format 5: 1, with the appropriate audio system. View all stationary and mobile devices. Interactive features: pause, resume viewing on request.


To view the IPTV STB to the TV to console. Prefix (Set-Top-Box, abbreviated STB) - a device that receives a digital signal decoder and transforms it into a signal compatible TV tuner. Here you can rent a prefix AirTies 7120 24 UAH \ months. The collateral value of set-top box 350 Gy. Come back when you return the user fully complete, operating consoles.

Smart TV

If your TV supports the Smart TV function, you do not need any additional devices. Most of these TVs have preinstalled programs, such as SS IPTV and Vintera TV, which allow you to view TV shows directly when connected to our network.

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