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Kuzia considers charity as one of the constituent parts of the social responsibility of the Internet provider.

Since today the use of resources and technologies of the global Internet is the main educational tool, the key direction of the company's activity in the sphere of sponsorship and charity is the free provision of access to the Internet to the following state and public organizations that are in the coverage area of ​​the network:

- VAT of "Ohmadet";
- The Central Library. T. Shevchenko for children;
- Lyceum No. 142 of the Solomensky district of Kiev;
- Specialized School No. 298 of Obolonsky district of Kiev;
- School "Ecology and Culture" Obolonsky district, Kiev;
- Internet project for helping orphans and children with disabilities www.detdom.info.

Kuzia provides free access to the Internet to police precincts, the OSBB boards, housing offices, and hospitals, within the framework of the Krona charitable foundation.

Kuzia for an educated young world!