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The modern Internet has faced a lack of Internet addresses, which by analogy with telephone numbers in telephone communication are given to devices connected to the Network. The distribution of free addresses in unlimited quantities has already been completed, and in a few months providers will encounter the inability to give out each address to each subscriber. This means that access to the Internet "the old way" will be difficult, and using some of the services and resources of the Network - it is impossible.

This situation was predicted long before today. A new Internet protocol was developed, free from the lack of limited addresses. The protocol is called IPv6, and since the beginning of the millennium, an active transition to it from providers has begun.
In addition to solving the problem of lack of Internet addresses, the inclusion of IPv6 will give a number of advantages in working with familiar sites, for example, youtube.com, vkontakte.ru, facebook.com, which already support IPv6 and are available on this protocol with better quality. Some Internet services work better with IPv6, which are sensitive to global reachability of addresses, for example, torrents and some types of IP telephony.
Kuzia fully supports IPv6, and provides access to the new Internet for all its subscribers. Ask technical support if your hardware (computer, phone, router, tablet) supports IPv6 and how to enable it!
In the Kuzia network, each subscriber is assigned one interface IPv6 address, which changes with the change of the MAC address of the connected device.

IPv6 resources make working with torrent networks convenient.