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16 July 2017

Attention Sanctions Resources!!

Dear Clients!


 We would like to inform you that, in connection with Presidential Decree N133 / 2017, we can not

 Guarantee access to a number of sanctions.

 We recommend that you keep all of your personal data that could

 Is stored on sites and resources that fall under the sanctions: Yandex, Vkontakte,



12 June 2017


Rate job Kuzi

In order to continuously improve the quality of Kuzia's employees, we invite you to participate in this process, so that, working with us, you get maximum comfort.

12 June 2017

Internet from Kuzia for the Central Library

Within the framework of charity and development of education in Ukraine, Kuzya provides free access to the Internet for the Central Library. T. Shevchenko for the children of Kiev.

12 June 2017

Recommendations before calling the wizard

To improve the quality of service and accelerate the elimination of breakdowns, the Internet provider Kuzia offers users to make a number of recommendations before calling the wizard.

12 June 2017

Need for speed

Kuzia cares about its customers and strives to improve the quality of service each day. Kuzia honest with your friends and ensures high-speed Internet access.

09 June 2017


Connect a friend - get money as a gift!

Advise Kuzia - your home Internet - to a friend, and get a month of free home Internet as a gift.

Suffice it to a neighbor or friend to call the number of your contract, and your account will receive a month of gift Internet + IPTV!

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