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Kuzia - Your home Internet

Kuzia provides home users with high-quality, fast and modern Internet, which does not require additional equipment.
Today, the fiber optic access network of Kuzi covers more than 300 homes in six districts of Kyiv - coverage.
And Kuzia is betting on new technologies and a professional approach to building networks. For greater reliability of service Kuzia repeatedly reserves channels and nodes of the network. Kuzia supports access to the Internet of a new generation based on IPv6. Kuzia provides Internet access at speeds of up to 1 Gb.


Becoming a friend of Kuzi you will get the following benefits:


• No hidden restrictions and conditions

• 24-hour technical support.

• The credit system.

• Easy shutdown: no paper cancellation is required.

• The Internet over IPv6 protocol makes working with torrent networks convenient!

Kuzia understands the needs of professionals and home users. That's why every day the number of Kuzin's wards is growing noticeably!

We will be glad to see you among the subscribers of Kuzi!