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We welcome Adamant Company, the silver sponsor of the RIPE NCC conference

19 July 2019

We welcome the silver sponsor of the RIPE NCC conference in Kiev - Adamant Companyhttps://adamant.ua/!

✅Adamant's technical base is able to ensure the implementation of any projects in the field of telecommunications, both software and technical, to implement an integrated approach in the provision of services. Using the equipment of leading world manufacturers, as well as their own technological developments, the company's specialists have created a modern network infrastructure, the main advantages of which are reliability and scalability.

✅Reusable redundancy of all critical areas, round-the-clock technical monitoring of the status of all base points and main channels ensure the continuous operation of the company's network.

✅Adamant is one of the first Internet companies in Ukraine, which began broadcasting television and radio programs on the Internet in the late 90s, and one of the initiators of the creation of the Ukrainian Internet traffic exchange point (UA-IX).

✅In its favor, tens of thousands of users have made the choice: individuals, medium and small businesses, Ukrainian and foreign public organizations, government agencies, foreign embassies, investment and insurance companies, banks, corporate representative offices of famous brands.

Conference For the first time: Дни RIPE NCC в Киеве! Works with the best: https://adamant.ua/

We remind: the first Kiev conference of the RIPE NCC will take place on September 24-25, 2019. This is an IT conference that brings together key players in the global and local Internet industry. The organizer on the part of Ukraine and the host country is NetAssist LLC https://netassist.ua/