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Internet from Kuzia for the Central Library

12 June 2017

Within the framework of charity and development of education in Ukraine, Kuzia provides free access to the Internet for the Central Library. T. Shevchenko for the children of Kiev.

The central city library named after Taras Shevchenko for children in May turned 90 years old. Here, on Prospekt Pobedy, 25, not only small readers and their parents come, but also the leaders of other reading houses and publishers, writers, public figures.

The Central Library. TG Shevchenko for children is the main library for the children of the capital of Ukraine, whose status is a research, information and advisory center on the issues of cultural development of children in Kiev.

Today the library is the center of preservation and development, the national culture, the formation and satisfaction of information needs of users, the deepening of school knowledge and the organization of meaningful leisure, the center of satisfaction of needs related to the use and self-education of the individual and is the guarantor of the child's right to free access to information.

Thanks to access to the Internet from Kuzia's company, you will plunge into the virtual world of information on Wi-Fi facilities in the Internet-center of the Library.

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