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Recommendations before calling the wizard

12 June 2017

To improve the quality of service and speed up the elimination of breakdowns, the Internet provider Kuzia offers users before calling the wizard to implement a series of recommendations that may solve the problem with the Internet:

Problem number 1: Low speed of the Internet.

- Check the way to connect to the network - the speed over Wi-Fi is much less than the speed over the cable. And also the speed of the cable through the home router can be less than directly from the provider's switch.

- Check the CPU load of the CPU, you can do it by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination, on the Performance tab. In case of CPU usage above 40% -50%, you need to open unnecessary processes on the tab with the same name.

- It should also be remembered that the speed depends on such facts as: the speed of the return of files by the source, the number of simultaneously downloaded files, the included Anti-Virus.

The best Anti-Virus is the latest version of your Operating System in kopmlekt with conscious and cautious behavior on the vastness of the World Wide Web.

Problem number 2: No connection - No connections available.

- Check that the connector has not fallen out of the network card PC, insert or correct it.

- Check whether Local Area Connection is enabled in the network card settings. You can do this by clicking: Start - Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - Change the adapter settings - Connect to the local network.

- In case of cable breakage, it is better to call the master.

Problem number 3: Network without access to the Internet.

- The home router may be hanging up, its power reset can help.

- Check the settings of the Network Card: Local Area Connection - Properties - Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP \ IPv4) - must be set Get the IP address automatically.

- In other cases it is better to call a master.

Not all problems are considered here.

To solve problems with the Internet, which are not described here, you can always contact the technical support of the provider Kuzia by phone:

(044) 223-333-7