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12 June 2017

Dear subscribers - new and old friends Kuzi!

We are trying to ensure that your expectations from the Internet and television provided by Kuzia's home Internet are more than justified.

In order to continuously improve the quality of Kuzia's employees, we invite you to participate in this process, so that, working with us, you get maximum comfort.

We suggest that you leave feedback on one or more resources:


The task of this survey is to get feedback from you, dear customers, and to become even better!
It is extremely important for us to know that the work is not in vain and all efforts are appreciated by grateful subscribers.

And since the attention and evaluation of the results is no less significant than the monthly fee, in gratitude for each review you will get a bonus of 20 UAH per account!

In order to receive a bonus after writing a review it is enough to send us a letter in reply with the name, date of withdrawal and the resource on which you left it: info@kuzia.net.ua