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Gift from Kuzia - mobile battery Xiaomi Mi 5000mAh

04 December 2017

Want a gift? ONLY for CUSTOMER subscribers! Today - the mobile battery Xiaomi Mi 5000mAh. Take it!

This light (only 156 grams) gadget for charging mobile phones and tablets will get lucky, which we randomly determine on December 4 - the International Day of the order of gifts from Santa Claus
Your home Internet "Kuzia" gives a stylish Power Bank, so you are always in touch with loved ones!

To participate in the promotion:

-lay the page KUZIA Internet provider Kiev (if it has not already done so);
-separate with the terms of the action.

All subscribers of the Internet provider "KUZIA" can participate in the action when presenting the current agreement.

Your home Internet "Kuzia" is always pleasant emotions!