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Need for speed

12 June 2017

Kuzia cares about its customers and strives to improve the quality of service each day.

Kuzia honest with your friends and ensures high-speed Internet access.

So if you want to connect to the Internet in Kiev Kuzi, our employee must check and show you the speed of the Internet, the performance.

Kuzia also ensures that the master performing repair Internet in your apartment, do not go until the rate will be not less than 80 Mbit / s directly into a computer via cable as the reception and on return.

Also keep in mind what determines the speed of downloading from the Internet:

- the impact on the speed of the source file and the number of sources;

- the number of files that are simultaneously roll;

- the availability of additional applications such as antivirus enabled faervolom;

- the speed of writing files on the hard drive the computer;

- the characteristics of the network card of computer;

- CPU load from the subscriber computer;

- the characteristics of a home router through which the computer is connected. Because of its CPU and network card also affect the speed;

- from a computer connected directly to a cable or Wi-Fi. We should not forget that the standard Wi-Fi 802.11g - can not exceed the speed of 40 Mbit/s.