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Conference Results RIPE NCC DAYS Kyiv

08 October 2019

On September 24-25, the RIPE NCC DAYS Kyiv conference was held at the Khreshchatyk Grand Hall, for the first time in Ukraine, which takes place on a regular basis in the countries of the RIPE NCC service region.
 The conference was attended by 340 participants from 23 countries. Among them were representatives of major Internet providers and telecommunications companies, technical specialists working with issues of domain names, network security, distribution of network resources, 5G, and the like.

The conference presented the latest developments on the Internet and discussed specific issues regarding operators operating in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. During two panel discussions, they talked about the introduction of 5G technology and its prospects in the world, about the IETF standards, VXLAN, EVPN, DNS Over HTTPS and the MANRS initiative.

Much attention was paid to the topic of IPv6 implementation. Almost 10 years have been waiting for this moment. Thanks to IPv6, the market entry threshold for new small operators will increase dramatically, even if current prices are maintained.

“This conference gave us the opportunity to talk about our experience and how our colleagues from the region are doing, discuss issues related to the regional and global Internet community,” said Alexandra Askochenskaya, organizer of RIPE NCC DAYS Kyiv and PR director of NetAssist.

The conference was opened by Axel Pavlik, permanent managing director of RIPE NCC. Within two days, presentations were made by representatives of international organizations: RIPE NCC, ICANN, IETF and ISOC.
Among them are Alexei Semenyaka, Maxim Burtikov, Oleg Muravsky, Natalya Mochu, Roberto Gaetano, Maximilian Stucci.
Participants also heard presentations from technology leaders Giacomo Bagnoli (Facebook), Pavel Lunin (Scaleway), Ignas Bagdonis (Equinix), who shared their practical, unique experience in network monitoring, the evolution of network systems and the creation of modern data centers.

  A number of cybersecurity issues were discussed in those aspects that are usually ignored (routing security, domain name reputation, IP theft), as well as various attempts to introduce restrictions on the Internet. The speakers on these issues were Maxim Tulev (NetAssist / InAU), Konstantin Korsun (Berezha Security), Dmitry Kokhmanyuk (Hostmaster) and Ivan Petukhov (Adamant).

As the director of NetAssist (a member of InAU) and the speaker of the conference, Maxim Tulev, commented, “We are forced to deal with new challenges on the Internet every day. And one must be bold enough to survive and win in the struggle for an independent information space. "

At the evening reception in honor of the opening of the first RIPE NCC Days conference in Kiev, a colorful concert with Ukrainian national dances and an entertainment program was waiting for guests.

The conference organizer and host in Ukraine is NetAssist, in addition, it provided Internet coverage for two days of the conference. Silver sponsor - ADAMANT system solutions operator. Bronze sponsor - Hostmaster Ltd .. The uninterrupted quality of the webcast was provided by I-UA.TV, a creative Ukrainian-centric independent informational and analytical volunteer channel. Information support was provided by the team of the NGO The Influencer Platform. An exclusive interview with Axel Pavlik about IP distribution in Ukraine will be published soon. A significant contribution to the organization of the panels was made by the Internet Association of Ukraine (InAU), and Ukrtelecom acted as a sponsor of the kawabrake.

  The Ukrainian Internet community expects this conference to be a worthy start for further RIPE NCC events in Ukraine.