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* - Declared speeds are the highest possible depending on the final resources, subscriber equipment and other parameters.


                                                             Technical advantages

All speeds indicated in the tariff plans are valid for both traffic towards the subscriber and for traffic from the subscriber.
There are no restrictions on the amount of traffic, that is, the speed remains constant regardless of the amount of traffic.
Each subscriber is assigned one permanent IPv4-address, for all time of his work with Kuzey.

                                                                        Terms of connection

1) The standard connection is FREE. The amount of mandatory advance payment is 250 UAH. And the whole amount goes to the subscriber account. The room is provided with 20 m cable for self-styling.
2) The specified speed is the maximum possible and is not guaranteed.
3) Connections to the tariff MAXIMUM - if you have the technical capacity - 450 UAH, plus 225 UAH - the first subscription fee.
4)The cost of connecting a private house from 2000 UAH.


When switching from another provider working on Ethernet technology - you get up to one month of free use. Order the connection, and we will perform the switch in the near future and comfortable for you.

Connect a friend to the network Kuzia receive a gift - a half of the monthly fee to the account. Apply for enrollment. You can pay for a subscription when you apply for a connection or through a personal account.